Construction Management

Alternative Construction MethodsConstruction Support Services

Design by Gall Zeidler Consultants does not stop at the drawing board. Our construction support services provide a seamless link between design and construction. By ensuring correct implementation and developing quality control procedures, we help you accomplish a high-quality final product.

Construction Management ServicesConstruction Management Services

Our construction management services cover the entire course of tunnel construction, beginning with tunnel boring, lining and waterproofing, and ending with the installation of tunnel systems. Depending on the type of tunnel, we oversee the fitting of the tunnel with track or roadwork, ventilation, and electrical and mechanical systems. Our highly specialized construction managers and tunnel inspectors follow rigorous and proven quality control procedures.

Instrumentation and MonitoringInstrumentation and Monitoring

Gall Zeidler Consultants design and carry out monitoring programs to verify design assumptions, evaluate the adequacy of support systems, safeguard construction, and protect existing structures in urban settings.

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