Fiber Reinforced Shotcrete for Tunnel Linings


The use of shotcrete for ground support is well established since several decades. However, the development of high quality shotcrete, in particular wet-mix application methods allowed allowed the application of shotcrete in complex underground schemes under difficult ground conditions. The request for fast acting ground support as well as for durable sprayed concrete for permanent support initiated the development of excavation sequences and spraying techniques as well as mix designs that allowed the addition of steel and synthetic fiber reinforced shotcrete to achieve a uniform, high quality product. Today, fibers are added to shotcrete in a wide range of applications. The paper will outline various applications where fiber reinforced shotcrete is being used in recent projects and design criteria applied at these jobs.

First International Conference on Advances in Concrete Technology (RAC07)
Fiber Reinforced Shotcrete for Tunnel Linings
September 19-20, 2007
Washington, D.C.

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