Bergen Tunnels Rehabilitation – A Success After All

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Comparison Of Predicted Versus Observed Structural Displacements Of Existing Structures At The Port Of Miami

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Considerations for Very Shallow Conventional (SEM) Tunneling in Urban Settings

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Contractor Implementation of SEM Tunneling and Comparison Between Design and Observed Ground Conditions, Caldecott Tunnel Fourth Bore, San Francisco Bay Area, California

Synopsis: The Caldecott Tunnel Fourth Bore was mined using Sequential Excavation Method (SEM) tunneling. The SEM design identified 18 Rock … Read more »

Design Guidelines for Sequential Excavation Method (SEM) Practices for Road Tunnels in the United States

Synopsis: In the last 20 years the Sequential Excavation Method (SEM) or the New Austrian Tunneling Method (NATM) has been … Read more »

Estimating Lateral Support Pressure for Rock Cuts at Washington-Dulles International Airport Expansion

Synopsis: Washington-Dulles International Airport (Virginia, USA) has been expanding its capacity since 1999. This expansion has required extensive vertical, open-cut … Read more »

Examination of Shotcrete Liner at Devil’s Slide Tunnel Utilizing ASTM 1550 Field Test Results and Back Analysis

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Experience With Synthetic Fiber Reinforced Initial Shotcrete Lining At The Devil’s Slide Tunnel Projects

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FE Modelling for the Shallow Fort Canning Tunnel

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Fiber Reinforced Shotcrete for Tunnel Linings

Synopsis: The use of shotcrete for ground support is well established since several decades. However, the development of high quality … Read more »