Steve Wakefield

Safety Manager

Steve Wakefield - Safety ManagerExperience Summary
Steve Wakefield has over twenty-five years of extensive experience with the supervision of time critical remedial and general construction projects. During the course of his career, he has been responsible for all aspects of operations and schedule management for a number of high profile projects, with scopes ranging from underground construction and tunneling, general construction, coordination of piping efforts, hazardous material remediation, plant and building closures, tank closures and installation, asbestos abatement and emergency responses. Mr. Wakefield is a technically diverse safety and project supervisor with a strong environmental, underground construction and tunneling background. Some of Steve’s major strengths include health and safety, compliance, and project management related to health and safety. Mr. Wakefield possesses skills related to hazardous materials response, fire prevention, fire protection, fire investigation, construction supervision, administrative management, and sub contract coordination.