John Rudolf

Chief Structural Engineer

Experience Summary
John Rudolf’s experience with the design and construction management of underground and above ground structures spans a career lasting over 5o years. Mr. Rudolf has been directly involved with the design and construction of the 106 miles of the Washington Metrorail system on multiple major infrastructure projects for over 30 years, including his contribution of approximately 15 miles of aerial structures and over 40 miles of subsurface structures for the system. Mr. Rudolf’s experience involves design and construction of various types of bridges and viaducts, including post-tensioned CIP and post-tensioned pre-cast Concrete Segmental Guideways. John’s tunneling experience includes the design and construction of various tunnels using conventional tunneling methods, including NATM, cut-and-cover, and TBMs, both in soft ground and rock with CIP as well as pre-cast concrete linings.